10 Top Task Management Tips

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Ever find yourself thinking “I just didn’t get anything done today”…?

Fancy a quick productivity boost, right now?

Every single one of us could do with re-focussing our energies from time-to-time. The pressures of work, combined with long-established ‘habits’ can turn even the most dilligent of us into tired, stressed-out animals, struggling to get through a seemingly endless list of tasks.

Today’s article gives you a short sharp productivity boost – ten useful tips for raising your personal productivity back to higher levels – not only so that you can get more done, but also so that (by being more productive) you free up some time for enjoying life.

After all, it’s not just about work, right? ;-)

Here’s a link to the article – hope you enjoy it!


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Accountants Birmingham April 8, 2014 at 11:32 am

Hi Rich, Thanks for the link- great article and would be quite useful for a lot of the small business owners I come across- I do think one of the main points that should have been on the list is delegation. A lot of business owners try to take it all on themselves but it is impossible to do it all, by delegating you have enough time to concentrate on the things that really matter


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