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Ever find yourself thinking “I just didn’t get anything done today”…? Fancy a quick productivity boost, right now? Every single one of us could do with re-focussing our energies from time-to-time. The pressures of work, combined with long-established ‘habits’ can turn even the most dilligent of us into tired, stressed-out animals, struggling to get through [...]


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If you’re even halfway serious about improving your personal productivity then the one, inescapable fact you’ve probably already discovered is that you have to use some kind of ‘system’ to get yourself organized, to manage all of your projects and tasks and stay organized. As ‘systems’ go, there are few that come anywhere close to [...]


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Do you realise that your own to do list may actually be conspiring against you? It may sound a little melodramatic, but it’s true… our own trusted to do lists – despite their position as ‘organizer’ and friend – often breed unproductive behaviour, particularly when we’re trying to manage any significant number of projects and [...]