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Shout Members Benefits

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11 Reasons to Join Right Now.

As a Shout Member, you get access to a wealth of information and resources that you can use to better your chances of success with your online business.

We’ve taken care to create content only that we feel will be of direct benefit to you, rather than stocking the members area with ‘filler content’ that you find in some membership sites. The types of content you’ll find inside the members area include:

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Why Choose Shout Members?

The benefit to you (whether you’re a ‘newbie’ or ‘intermediate’ marketer) is that you’ll have a reliable place to come for information, guidance, resources and (importantly) other marketers just like you, all able to help move you forward toward meeting your objectives


#1 Video Training.

Our series of short training videos step you through all manner of on-line marketing-related topics, from ‘setting up mailing list systems’ through to ‘designing web site page elements’ ... from ‘setting up an Amazon S3 account’ through to ‘outsourcing’ - you’re sure to get some really useful instruction and ideas from this section of the members area.

#2 How-to-Tutorials.

On top of our video tutorials you’ll also find a great selection of simple, easy-to-follow written how-to guides which you can print and work through for a whole range of different topics. So, whether you’re looking for instruction on how to add Twitter badges to your website, or how to prepare for a live Webinar event, our How-to section has it covered.

#3 Premium quality articles.

Our premium articles section cover a range of more ‘topical’ features - so for example, thoughts regarding recent Search Engine algorithm changes and what they mean for you, in plain English. These articles are where much of the discussion within the members area takes place, so you’ll have a chance to have your say or ask questions if you want to.

#4 Special Reports.

Our Special Reports are where we get deeper into specific topics. These reports are exclusive to Shout Members - you won’t find this information anywhere else online, and they’re yours for free, as a subscriber.

#5 Interviews.

From time to time we reach out to specialists in particular subject matter areas, and ask them the questions you, as a marketer, would want answers to. Ahead of these interviews we'll poll our members for questions, so you can be sure you're going to get the information you need from proven experts.

#6 Podcasts.

Our regular podcasts are another source of quality marketing information - we’ll be putting together a series of recordings for your enjoyment to which you can subscribe using iTunes - so your recordings will automatically be downloaded to your iPod/iPad/iPhone for listening to on the go.

#7 Reviews.

Our warts-and-all reviews of some of the more popular systems, software and training available to you will help you identify which are most appropriate to your needs. These reviews could save you countless hours (and dollars) trying out several options before finding the right one for you.

#8 Member-only webinars.

A regular fixture for members, our live webinars are a great place to meet up, not only to learn about specific marketing techniques but also to communicate directly with other Shout Members online.

#9 Resource Guides.

Another useful service within the members area is our resource guide - a list of top-performing products and services across a range of categories. This list will prove a great reference point for you when you're trying to figure out what the options are for performing specific tasks, and which of the available solutions you should consider.

#10 Discounts and Offers.

From time to time we’ll also be making special offers and discounts available to members too, so when you’re thinking about signing up to a new product or service you could well save yourself a tidy sum!

#11 Regular Updates.

The content within Shout Members updates regularly and is created with the single purpose of bettering your chances of success. That’s what Shout Members is here to do.