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Mentoring - Tailored Online Coaching by Rich Butterworth

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Shout Coaching / Mentoring

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One-to-One Mentoring.

If you’re looking for a truly personalised training programme, designed specifically for you and your business, then one-to-one mentoring might be something worth considering.

Rich Butterworth MentoringAll mentoring is delivered by Rich Butterworth on a one-to-one basis across a period of eight weeks and usually involves approximately three hours of consultation per week (two calls per week, using Skype), as well as ad-hoc e-mail contact as required.

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Made-to-Measure Training

Due to the highly personalised nature of the coaching program, and the time involved, personal coaching is significantly more expensive than our standard training packages. A typical program will cost anything up to $4,000 (depending on the work required to meet your personal training needs).

That said, coaching certainly represents a more tailored (and accelerated) approach to achieving your online objectives. Contact us about mentoring for details.

(Very) Limited Places

We only offer limited mentoring spotsPlease also note, given the time commitment required for individual coaching programs, only a small number of clients are taken on, and then only if the client is able to commit the necessary time and resources to the program.

Feel you might be suited to a personalised coaching program? Get in touch.