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Web Design Prices

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Web Design Prices

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Catering For Every Budget.

Our web site design pricing plans are displayed below for your information. Both of the design options shown below represent exceptional value for money, given the quality of the end product.

Off The Rack Designs

CMS Included

Template Only

'Off-The-Rack' Design



Bespoke Design



Please note: all of our web site designs are sold under the terms of our web site design license.

Want More Detail on the CMS?

Web design prices iconThe CMS software we use is called XSitePro, an award-winning website management application you can download and install on your PC (or Mac, running VMware or Parallels) and used for managing your web site(s). This software retails at $197 USD.

The benefit to managing your own web site is that you no longer need reply upon the services of a designer, every time you want to make a minor change. Just open up your site, make the changes and hit 'publish'... easy!

Looking For Something Else?

If you’re looking for an alternative option, get in touch and we’ll be happy to recommend the services of some other web site designers who may be better suited to your needs.